Action for Happiness is a global movement that began just a few years ago for positive social change. As an organisation, they have no religious, political or commercial affiliations and welcome people from all faiths, or indeed none. Their aim is to bring together people from all walks of life and parts of society under one umbrella.

Members make a simple pledge; to try to create more happiness in the world around them through their approach to life.

You may think this all sounds a bit wishy-washy, but if you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, then their 10 Keys to Happier Living might be worth having a look at. They acknowledge that for many people a certain percentage of the way we are is genetic, but there are small changes we can make to our own lives that can increase happiness. It is of course something that is difficult to define and there is no formula that fits all, therefore seems destined to divide opinion.

If however, you’re London based and intrigued to find out more, then on the 25th June, John-Paul Flintoff, author of ‘How To Change The World’ will be giving a talk at Conway Hall, explaining how each of us can, and do, change the world with our actions.