The Ministry of Stories (MoS) is a creative writing and mentoring centre for young people in east London, founded in 2010 by Lucy Macnab, Ben Payne and author Nick Hornby. Over the last four years or so, the MoS has been using storytelling to help unleash imaginations, build confidence, self-respect and communication for thousands of young people aged 8-18 in the area.

Plunged straight in to a world of imagination, workshops can only be accessed by walking through Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, purveyor of quality goods for monsters of every kind, which is also open to the public and you can stock up with ‘Organ Marmalade’, ‘Thickset Human Snot’ or ‘Guts and Garlic Chutney’ (see photo). Sound intriguing? If you find yourself in Hoxton one day, why not pop in … if you dare.