We have previously mentioned DePaul UK, a youth homelessness charity, when we wanted to let people know about their rather simple but effective idea for generating much needed cash, which they do through selling cardboard boxes. Obviously not a charity to rest on their laurels, they have now teamed up with a number of street artists to tell the stories of the young people the charity support. These are people who have either become homeless or are at risk of homelessness.

The work of artists such as Ben Slow, David Shillinglaw, and Best Ever, all well know on east London’s vibrant street art scene who have given their time and talents for free, will certainly grab peoples attention, but the real hope is that each piece of work will direct them to DePaul’s specially created ‘street stories’ website. Here, you will find a ‘digital wall’ with the artworks displayed. People are encouraged to buy a limited edition screen-print of their favourite piece, and by doing so, will help to ‘clean’ the wall, symbolising that by donating, people are helping to remove an element of homelessness from the street.

Like the DePaul Box Company, we think it’s a great, innovative idea that gets the message of the charity across and the people it supports, without resorting to asking for handouts. So … have a look at the website and why not buy a screen-print and help young people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged, to make sure their stories don’t end on the street.

Image courtesy of DePaul UK, featuring work by Best Ever.