Unity Kitchen is a London based social enterprise trading in food and drink. They train and employ people with disabilities to become baristas, chefs and in their own words ‘service stars of the future’.

As if this isn’t enough, Unity Kitchen are serious about sustainability, trying to reduce their environmental impact wherever possible and by buying ingredients from local independent suppliers are also supporting the local community.

Each February, Unity Kitchen puts a new batch of apprentices through their paces, who over the next 12 months, receive fully accredited training, NVQ qualifications and practical work experience in all aspects of catering and hospitality, giving valuable opportunities to people who are all too often excluded from the jobs market.

If you have an event, whether it be a business function or just celebrating with friends and family, get in touch with Unity Kitchen as they can very possibly help. Remember also, that every pound they make is used to create more jobs and training opportunities so although they don’t necessarily make any profit, the people they help certainly do … and with a number of kitchens around London, you might find one near you.