We recently designed some World Cup 2014 T-Shirts and were so impressed with the company that printed them, we wanted to tell you about them.

I Dress Myself were the first screen printers in the UK to use 100% solvent-free water-based inks. Water-based inks are not surprisingly, far more environmentally friendly than inks used by most other screen printers, and the ones that I Dress Myself use, do not contain any toxic chemicals whatsoever. In fact, they’re so environmentally friendly, that the Soil Association have even certified many of the colours they use as organic. An added bonus of using chemical free inks, is that when it comes to cleaning down their screens, they can use water rather than harmful solvents.

I Dress Myself use 100% recycled paper as standard and for customers requiring T-Shirts (like us) it actually works out cheaper to go organic as they charge less for cotton and bamboo material.

We are delighted with the service we received and the end result and if you use I Dress Myself, then we’re sure you will be too.