Our work within the film industry, whilst a little while ago, is some of our most memorable. Not long out of college, Belinda was invited by Tomboy Films to produce a graphic title sequence for the 1997 film Shooting Fish, directed by Stefan Schwartz. They were so impressed with the finished product, they asked Belinda to produce promotional materials for the Cannes Film Festivals. The branded inflatable fish she designed were a big hit with the festival goers and produced a great deal of publicity for the film. Following this hit she was invited to design the titles and produce more Cannes sales material for the film Waking Ned.

The piece of work that Belinda is most proud of within the film industry is the poster she designed for the Mike Leigh film Topsy Turvy, the principal image used for all distribution materials. Mr Leigh had declared that he hadn’t liked many of the posters produced for his previous films, but Belinda was undaunted. The brief was ambitious, and considerable time was spent refining the concept into a simple visual; brought to life perfectly by the illustrator George Underwood. The film, and poster, were an enormous success, with the previously dismissive director hanging one in his home (we understand).

“I believe your work on the titles, poster and sales materials of ‘Shooting Fish’ had a tangible, beneficial effect on both the creative and financial success of the movie! You made it hip, fun and accessible. No small feat…”

Richard Holmes, Producer, Shooting Fish