BfB Labs is a new social business which aims to reduce mental health problems amongst young people, by building video games that train emotional regulation and improve wellbeing using real time stress data from wearable devices. They needed a logo fairly quickly, in order to create their website and some important presentations that would help move the business forwards. The challenge for this brand is it’s two target audiences with different priorities and needs: 1) parents, teachers, healthcare professionals, the media and investors, who will engage with and support BfB Labs because of its proven benefits for the wellbeing of young people, and 2) 11-14 year olds who should see the brand as fun, unique and at the cutting edge of video game technology, but not explicitly one that exists to improve wellbeing.

What we did
Using the business’ core characteristics of ‘technological’, ‘scientific’ and ‘design led’, we created a simple logo that reflects the most basic features of the brand with a nod towards both the human and technical elements of the product, subtle enough to allow the new business to expand on their product range in the future whilst remaining true to their identity.

“The Moore & Moore team did wonders with the BfB Labs visual identity, creating a striking and unique logo on a very short lead time. The standard of the creative work and support was incredibly high and we’re looking forward to working with the team again.”

Nick Stanhope
BfB Labs