Between April and September 2016, The Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust are holding a series of interactive performances exploring the lives and contributions of women in Greenwich during the First World War. Audiences will meet and hear the stories of three women doing their bit for the war effort and take part in activities in this immersive travelling museum project.

Facilitated by actors playing factory workers, women at home and nurses, the portable museums will go on a tour into libraries, streets and parks in the borough to engage local families in their heritage.

For this project, The Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust needed portable structures to house, unfold and reveal objects, images and activities. They needed to be flexible, lightweight and durable enough to be used inside and out, transported from venue to venue and used by adults and children alike.

What We Did
We created three portable ‘museums’, one for each of the stories that will be told.
Each portable museum is a self contained work space on wheels, which store objects and documents when in transit and transform when in situ for the actors to demonstrate activities and tell stories, using artifacts as props.

The units are inspired by genuine workstations from the era, inspiring actors to set the scene and help audiences feel they are witnessing an authentic slice of history – a hospital trolley to help bandage the wounded, a munitions workbench upon which shells are filled and a table and chairs demonstrating life at home.

The structures will entice and engage audiences and appeal to their imaginations whilst fulfilling the requirement of being compact, practical and durable for transportation and long-term use.

The Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust tweeted:
‘Thank you for an exciting day visiting our WW1 exhibitions @mandmcreative in the workshop. Amazing work. Really excited’.

Visit the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust website to find out about the events.