Everyone is probably familiar with veg boxes or community gardens where you can pre order vegetables, often grown and sourced locally and have them delivered each week. A similar initiative exists in London that is altogether a bit more fishy … and it’s called SoleShare.

SoleShare is a community supported fishery, an alternative model for selling fresh or locally sourced sea food. The aim of SoleShare is to foster good relationships between local fishermen, consumers and the sea, whilst encouraging sustainable fishing practices, by bringing top quality seafood to its members.

Like veg boxes, your weekly or twice monthly produce will be a surprise and you can choose how much of it you get. It works on a seasonal basis with members paying for their share at the beginning of each season. You just need to pick it up from the collection hub on the allotted day. SoleShare also organise workshops to help with the understanding and preparation of seafood, as well as weekly recipes to get you inspired. Unfortunately, the Spring season, which runs until May is already under way, but if you’d like to get involved in future seasons, then get in touch with SoleShare through their website.