Dame Kelly Holmes is a familiar name to many people, probably best known for winning the gold medal in both the 800 metres and 1500 metres events at the 2004 summer Olympics in Athens.

These are just two of her many notable achievements, but did you know that after her retirement from athletics she founded the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust? It is a legacy from her athletics career, with a mission to use world class athletes as mentors to engage, enable and empower disadvantaged young people and help them to get their lives back on track.

It takes two to tango of course and the beauty of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust is two fold, as many world class athletes have the traits, skills and expertise that make them the ideal role models and mentors for young people, but perhaps need assistance themselves in the transition from competitive top class sport to retirement. In just six years, the Trust has reached over 170,000 young people across the country to help them gain employment, education or training.

To find out more about the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, what they do, who is involved and what they have achieved, visit their website and if you have a few moments, watch the rather inspiring video they have made which explains all of the above.