Last year we wrote about the Ethiopian foot ware company, Sole Rebels, founded by Bethlehem Tilahun. Many of the materials they use are recycled, including car tyres. We recently discovered that in the States, there is a lady, known as ‘The Tire Lady’ (real name Deborah) who makes all sorts of stuff from old tyres. Deborah in turn had been inspired to take up ‘tyre crafting’ by self confessed back yard tinkerer, gardener and grandfather (not Deborah’s grandfather) Paul Farber, who along with his wife Joan had created their own book called ‘Tire Recycling is Fun’ ( Americans spell the word ‘tyre’ differently from us).

Have a look at their website for ideas on tyre pottery, fountains and ponds, garden beds and much more, and you too could become a tyre crafting disciple.