There has arguably never been a more pressing need for creative solutions to the world’s challenges. The United Nations has recognised this by declaring 2021 as the ‘International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development’.

We are challenge collaborators who combine creative thinking with practical design solutions for public good. 
Our goal is to help our partners prosper. When they prosper, sustainable change can happen.

Three key areas where we have helped improve lives:

1. Economic.

Brand creation and development, websites and communications for values-led organisations and impact investment sector funds set up to create sustainable business solutions that deliver positive social and/or environmental change. Partners include:

A range of projects addressing 8 SDGs:

2. Societal.

Fundraising campaigns, community engagement and practical tools created to meet urgent social challenges such as supporting frontline services of public health, food provision and improved opportunities for young people, promoting health and wellbeing, defending the rights of our disabled and mentally ill, confronting prejudice, rebalancing inequalities in the workplace and rejuvenating hard-hit local businesses. Partners include:

Track record of success across 12 SDGs:

3. Environmental.

Brand creation, business transformation comms and behavioural change measures that work to realise a carbon zero world, championing sustainable living, promoting the circular economy and technologies that transform the way we view our waste and resources. Partners include:

Track record of success across 4 SDGs:

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