Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC)

Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC) launched in 2014 and is now one of the UK’s leading Social Impact Investors, winning numerous awards for its ground-breaking investment approach that puts social impact at its core. SASC’s support is transformative, helping tackle social issues such as improving the economic and social well-being of individuals from vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, bringing locally owned renewable energy to communities who would otherwise find the cost of entry to the energy market prohibitive, and providing accommodation to small and medium sized charities who struggle to access the safe, stable, quality housing that unlocks their potential to support individuals and families in need.

With solid reputational foundations in the social impact sector, SASC needed a brand that would cut through with investors looking to invest (often for the first time) in the space. We were tasked to create a visual identity that emphasised both their successful history and the investment opportunities available.

SASC are a straight-talking team of experts and so we mirrored their refreshingly simple approach with a minimalist identity. Communications are deliberately pared back, balancing the authoritative with the approachable for its dual-facing audience of social sector organisations and investors. Information is given space to breathe – large scale messaging has a key role, delivered with a tone of voice that is open and honest. Information graphics are as minimal as the identity itself – distilled to present data with clarity and focus. Editorial style photomontages add a suitable splash of character to commentary pieces.

The result is a highly rational and pragmatic brand that both stands out and reassures.

Creative workshops / Brand strategy / Visual identity / Style guide / Copywriting / Illustration / Web design / Email templates / Impact Report / Investor presentation documents / Investor and borrower marketing documents

Moore & Moore is an incredibly dedicated agency and SASC has benefitted from their full-spectrum of services for clients. Belinda has advised us coherently and engagingly on the importance of brand for our external image; and held our hand through a substantial brand redesign and website creation process. Her colleagues have built SASC’s powerful new website and supported large marketing campaigns with solid tech support. Moore & Moore’s values and culture inform how they operate and this makes working with them a joy. We fully commend them to you.

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