Mura Technology & ReNew ELP

Mura Technology is at the forefront of a new era in waste plastic recycling. It’s proprietary process, based on the Cat-HTR™ technology invented in Australia by Licella Holdings Limited, uses supercritical water to convert waste plastics into the chemicals and oils from which they were made, for use in the manufacture of new plastics and other materials. With this revolutionary process, Mura Technology is set to change the way the world views plastic – unlocking its value and diverting it away from landfill, incineration and environmental pollution, for a sustainable, plastic neutral future.

We were commissioned to create a name for this ground breaking outfit and also position the brand alongside it’s processing partner, ReNew ELP – the first company to progress this innovative technology to commercial scale.

Mura’s ambition is to recycle 1,000,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually by 2025, with ReNew ELP’s  first site projected to save an estimated 120,000 tonnes CO2 emissions annually on completion.

Referencing the Australian heritage of the origins of the technology for the group name, Mura – also written as “MooraMoora” – is the name given to the “Good Spirit” in the creation story of Australian ethnic group the Diyari. We created a logo containing a symbol that marks the dawn of a new era, referencing the source of all living things, the sun, with concentric rings moving from gold (suggesting a nod to alchemy) to yellow that represent harnessing the transformational energy of the process. Within the identity this continual sense of movement is represented as an explosion of liquid plastic to reflect the opportunity and sense of play that the process now enables.

For ReNew ELP we captured this spirit by creating a morpheus R that adapts, in line form, from one end of life product to another. As the more practical arm, at the delivery end the process, ReNew ELP’s morphing logo also sets the tone for technical information graphics used across the brand. For both identities, our creative strategy was to celebrate the triumph of their unique process, and ultimately, it’s place in the circular economy.

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